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Spanish II

This course is a continuation of Spanish I. It introduces more complex grammatical structures and verb tenses. Vocabulary enrichment and cultural comparisons are continued. Skills are improved through paragraph readings, stories, dictation, dialogues, and class discussions. 

Spanish III

This course begins with a review of Spanish II and then introduces more complex grammatical structures and verb tenses. Vocabulary enrichment and cultural comparisons are continued. Skills are improved through paragraph readings, stories, dictation, dialogues and class discussions. 

Spanish IV

This course includes more advanced language structures, with emphasis on conversational skills. Short stories and other authentic literary selections are read. Students are prepared for Advanced Placement course by doing listening, reading, writing and talking activities throughout the year. 

AP Spanish Language

The purpose of this course is to develop oral and written fluency in Spanish. It prepares the student to take the AP Spanish Language exam. It includes emphasis on comprehension, vocabulary, accurate reading of articles and literature, writing expository passages, and expressing ideas orally.

Testamonials: Spanish II

"The coolest thing about taking Spanish II is getting to delve into, and really learn about a diverse set of cultures and customs. Not only that, but Spanish has helped me with English as well. You have to be able to know and comprehend different parts of speech and grammar rules. It's really satisfying when you're out-and-about and are able to recognize and understand words that aren't your first language."

Isabella Winkler- Class of 2018

"Spanish II was challenging at times, but I had a lot of fun learning about the Spanish-speaking countries and their cultures. Mrs. Ramirez wants you to think she's mean, but she's actually very funny and is only strict at times because she cares. Ask her about her jokes."

Kaley- Class of 2018

"Mrs. Ramirez and her teachings in the basics of Spanish have helped me to better understand the complexity of the language. Taking this Spanish II course has also assisted me in communicating with other people as well. I know I will use the knowledge I have gained in this class in the future and I hope to advance to higher levels in the years that follow. I love the Spanish language."

Jordyn Lassiter- Class of 2017

"Spanish II has benefited me in a number of ways. For instance, it provides perspective and insight into many Spanish speaking countries. These cultures and rich and full of color. Language builds bridges and creates connections between people across the world. Spanish is comparatively less complicated than some other languages, and it helps facilitate the learning of other Romantic languages as well. Overall, my Spanish class was a great experience that I enjoyed very much."

Heather (Rosa) Inman- Class of 2019

Testamonials: Spanish III

"This class has been fun and I learned a lot about my Spanish heritage. The good thing is anyone can be in Spanish III and up, you don't have to speak the language to learn Spanish. You also get to participate with people who speak the Spanish language which helps you improve faster."

Jahsiel- Class of 2019

"Spanish III has helped me learn more about my language and become more confident in speaking it."

Grace- Class of 2018

"Spanish III is one of my favorite classes. I like that it's more of an independent study class. You do most of the work by yourself and you can correct most of the work yourself. I think you get to learn more because you get to see the mistakes you made and you get to correct them on your own. It's a more personalized way to learn and it's a breath of fresh air compared to most other classes."

Leamsi Fontanez - Class of 2017

Testamonials: Spanish IV

"Spanish IV really benefits me with my future, I'm hoping to minor in college in the Spanish language and become fluent."

Kierstin J. - Class of 2018

"The Spanish IV course made me feel right at home from the language, to the food we eat."

Angel Perez - Class of 2018

"Even though I thought I was fluent, there are still a lot of things I need to learn.  Spanish IV helps me to do this."

Ryan H. - Class of 2019

"This Spanish IV course helps Spanish speaking students like myself to remember our language and know our culture better."

Joeliz Agrón - Class of 2018

"Spanish IV has a spectacular experience. This course has let me feel comfortable with speaking Spanish with others and allowing me to furthur improve and maintain my Spanish."

Sofie D. - Class of 2020

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