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30 Year anniversary of FLC

The approval of our chapter La Sagrada Familia was on September 19, 2020. The sponsors are Margaret Ramirez, Elizabeth Walters, and Alejandra Kim all current members of AATSP. The role of the sponsors is to honor those students who excel in Spanish and to inspire them to greater achievement in the language. 

The members of La Sagrada Familia chapter were inducted on March 9, 2021. The students gathered for the initiation of this group who have proven a deep interest in the beautiful Spanish language. 

Career Choices in Foreign Languages
Students can minor or major in their choice of Foreign Languages. Here at Pace High school students learn Spanish I, II, III, IV, V AP. Other languages are offered through Santa Rosa Virtual School, such as French and Latin. Chinese is also offered through University of West Florida and German through Pensacola State College. 
Advantages of knowing a Foreign Language

Careers in the military field, medical professions, education, and business are searching for employees with abilities to speak a second language.


Strategies for ACT and SAT Exams

Knowing vocabulary from a second language can help students increase their ACT and SAT scores. Students learn new study techniques that help them throughout their college or university careers. 


A minor or major degree in Spanish 

If students decide to pursue a minor in Spanish this is very possible if they take the honors classes of Spanish III, IV or Advanced Placement Spanish Language or Advanced Placement Literature Courses offered at Pace High School.


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