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Advanced Spanish Classes SYLLABUS

Spanish III, IV, V AP Sp. Language and VI AP Sp. Literature


 Mrs. Ramirez School Mission Statement – Our mission is to provide all students with quality instruction while stressing the importance of respecting other, sharing responsibility, and embracing the concept of lifelong learning.


Honor Code – On my honor, as a Pace High School student, I will do my own school work, uphold the ideals and rules of Pace High School, and protect the good name of my school.



Objectives of this class are to provide communicative skills in Spanish as outlined by the Sunshine State Standards for levels III, IV, Spanish Language AP, and Spanish Literature AP courses of a foreign language.  Emphasis will be placed on the five curriculum strands: communication, cultures, connections with other disciplines, comparisons and experiences.


At the end of this course

  • Students will develop communicative skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing Spanish.

  • Students will be able to use the language to communicate and acquire new information and knowledge.

  • Students will learn about and experience other cultures.


                                                               NEEDS AND RESOURCES

                      Required Background

It is recommended to successfully complete this course that the student:

  • has a “B” average or above in the most recent Spanish class

  • is able to focus and participate actively in class.

  • Understands that memorization and practice are key elements in learning a foreign language.

  • Understands that reading enhances vocabulary building and retention of foreign language skills.

  • Is able to stay on task individually and in groups.

                      Required Materials

 To successfully complete this course, you will need:

  • Santillana Levels 3 and 4

  • Santillana Levels 3 and 4 workbooks

  • Temas AP Spanish Language and Culture/Wkbk

  • 1” binder with dividers and pockets.

  • Paper, pen (blue or black), #2 pencils

  • Colored pencils, markers, highlighters, white erasers.


Additional Resources
  • Spanish children’s books

  • Spanish Magazines                                                                                                                                                   8-7-23

Online Resources


Course Schedule


Spanish III     (1st and 2nd semesters)        Santillana Spanish III textbook

Spanish IV     (1st and 2nd semesters)       Santillana Spanish IV textbook

Spanish V AP (1st and 2nd semesters)      AP Spanish Language syllabus

AP Component of Santillana Spanish IV    Textbook/Workbook

Temas AP Spanish Language and Culture/Workbook Exam Preparation

Spanish VI AP (1st and 2nd semesters)      AP Spanish Literature Approved Book List

                                                               Abriendo Puertas Tomo 1 and Tomo 2 Textbooks






General Rules:

  1. Classroom disruptions will be handled in accordance with the policies in the student handbook.

  2. Roll will be checked in accordance with a seating chart.

  3. You are considered tardy if you are not in the classroom, seated in your assigned seat, beginning your bell work when the tardy bell rings.)

  4. If you have an excused absence, it is your responsibility to complete make-up work within three days.  Work missed during unexcused absences will earn an automatic zero. Remember to clear your unexcused absences within three days.

  5. If you are present when an assignment is made and absent on the due date, you will be

expected to turn in the assignment on your first day back to school.

    6.The Agenda Planner must be brought to class each day and occasional planner checks will be graded.

    7. A neat and well-organized notebook will be kept for board notes each nine weeks.

    8.Expect to work bell to bell everyday!! Begin bell work as soon as you enter classroom.

    9.Cell phones must be put away in the backpack throughout the class period. 

  10.Cell Phone usage will not be allowed in class unless otherwise directed by Profesora Ramírez. 

   11.Make-up work will be the responsibility of the student and keeping up with the classroom website is the 

    procedure for getting assignments missed in class. 

   12. Students and parents can/will use the Remind app for direct communication with Mrs. Ramírez. 

    Students will have their parents sign the Apenda Planner Syllabus sign off page for their first grade and this will include the Video permission list.  

  1. A $5.00 donation will be greatly appreciated the first nine weeks for culture days through the year


Grading Policies:

Tests, quizzes, projects--------------------------------------------40%

Daily work-----------------------------------------------------------30%

Class participation and oral proficiency-------------------------20%

Reading Activities--------------------------------------------------10%

Tests:   Tests and quizzes will be given throughout each lesson and at the end of each chapter.  Quizzes may be unannounced.  Make-up chapter or unit tests will be given upon your return to school.


Daily work:  Keep up with your work!  If you are absent, check website.


Class participation:  Class participation is very important in Spanish class.  Occasionally, we will work in cooperative learning groups in which you will have a specific job to do.

You are still responsible for your own work even though you have a support system. 

Your agenda planner grade will count as a participation grade; therefore, it is to your advantage to keep it up-to-date and have syllabus and mid-term parent signatures when required.


EXTRA CREDIT:  Extra credit can only be earned by accumulating extra credit points throughout the quarter.  Students can earn extra credit by bringing items that are in Spanish or about Spanish related subjects. Students can bring written texts or provide video links or websites that are appropriate for the classroom. Occasionally, review games will also be used to earn extra credit points and some tests or quizzes might have extra credit questions as well.  A maximum of 15 extra credit points can be used each quarter. Only show me extra credit when I call for it please! Extra credit points will not be added to semester exams or to your final quarter grade.





Occasionally we will be viewing movies either in Spanish or movies with Spanish culture content.  Listed below are movies from which we may choose with their indicated ratings.  Your signature on the Agenda planner gives permission to view these movies.  If you object to any movie, please indicate so in the agenda planner beside your signature.



Children’s movies (in Spanish);                                               Rating


Beauty and the Beast                                                                   G

101 Dalmatians                                                                             G

Shrek I,II,III                                                                                 G

Lion King                                                                                      G

Toy Story I,II,III                                                                          G

Monsters Inc.                                                                               G

The Little Mermaid                                                                     G

E.T.                                                                                                 G

Puss in Boots                                                                                G

Beverley Hills Chihuahua I,II                                                   G

Over the Hedge                                                                            G

Frozen                                                                                            G

Encanto                                                                                       PG



Despicable Me I,II                                                                      PG

Man of the Mancha                                                                    PG

The Mask of Zorro                                                                     PG13

Selena                                                                                           PG

La Bamba                                                                                    PG

Don Quixote                                                                               not rated

Spanglish                                                                                    PG13

Gloria Estefan –Music video                                                  not rated

In the Time of the Butterflies                                                 PG13

Take My Lead                                                                            PG

The mask of Zorro II                                                                PG

The Cat in the Hat                                                                     PG

Nacho Libre                                                                               PG

Goal I,II                                                                                      PG

Stand and Deliver                                                                     PG

Don Quixote                                                                              PG

Under the Same Moon                                                            PG13

Don Juan DeMarco                                                                  PG13

The Book of Life                                                                       PG

McFarland, USA                                                                       PG

Moana                                                                                         PG

From Prada to Nada                                                                 PG13

Coco                                                                                             PG

The Perfect Game                                                                     PG

Ferdinand                                                                                  PG

Dora the Lost City of Gold                                                     PG







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